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    When you pull up to Carlos Car Wash, the first thing you will notice is the sparkling clean cars of other customers. We set ourselves apart with quality customer care and diligent auto detailing services.
    Whether you have come for a hand car wash or need a machine entrusted paint job to cover up some scratches, we are here to help.
    We don’t stop at the exterior of your car! Carlos Car Wash provides seat belt cleaning, auto carpet cleaning, and more. Bring your car to our full service car wash in Houston, TX today.
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Hand wash
Hand Car Wash

While most people don’t mind sending their vehicles through the mechanized “tunnel of terror” that can be found in gas stations nation-wide, true car aficionados know that these brushes are often coated in built-up debris that can scratch your car. Our hand car wash ensures that your vehicle is thoroughly but gently washed and looking like new.

Car wax
Car Waxing

If you’re looking for a sleek shine, Carlos Car Wash can help. Car waxing is the best way to maintain the shine of your car as well as protect it from damages such as paint chips and scratches. Regular car waxing can even make washing your car easier.

Headlight cleaning
Auto Headlight Cleaning

Without proper cleaning, your headlights will become yellow and musty. Not only is this unsightly, but your headlights will not shine properly if they are stained with dirt. Our auto headlight cleaning will do the trick and the road ahead will look as bright as ever.

Rim cleaning
Auto Rim Cleaning

Regular auto rim cleaning will help to increase the life of your wheels, brakes, and suspension. Proper cleaning will prevent dust, debris, and brake residue from accumulating and help your car function at its best. Let us clean your car in Houston, TX today!

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